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Many Glacier Campground
Glacier National Park
St. Mary, Montana
Norman W. Hildrum

It was sunny and very windy as we walked from the parking lot to the Visitor Center at Glacier National Park. Sharon and I had arrived at the park's East Entrance at 5:30 PM on June 26th.. We were interested in a Scenic Wonders in Glacier National Park - Photo by Norman Hildrumcampsite inside the park, but this late on a summer Friday, we didn't have high expectations.

We stopped at the Visitor Center's main information counter and struck up a conversation with Gus, one of the park rangers on duty. Gus was very familiar with the campgrounds in the park and, much to our surprise, indicated that there were still vacancies at most of the campgrounds. He asked what type of camper we had and Sharon indicated that it was a medium sized pop-up. With the windy conditions, he made it clear that he highly recommended that we consider Many Glacier Campground. "It's one of the more sheltered campgrounds in the park and your camper will be better protected from the high winds we've been experiencing today," he said. "Besides, you'll love the place."

Campsite in Many Glacier Campground - Photo by Norman HildrumTo get to Many Glacier Campground, we had to leave the Park and drive about 20 miles north to another entrance which terminated at Many Glacier Lodge and Campground. The road was a bit rough is several spots, but we made good time. We drove through the campground several times discussing the merits of open sites and finally selected site number three which was close to a flush restroom and, like most sites, was heavily wooded. I spent an above average time deciding where I wanted the camper sitting in the pull-through site. I was trying to maximize the available space while not making it too difficult to level the camper.

The campground had been experiencing some problems with bears and, because we had a soft-sided camper, food had to be placed in our vehicle. This seemed like a very good alternative to having a hungry, 300 pound bear randomly rearranging the interior of our camper. After supper, we went for a walk and took in the evening ranger talk. The subject was wolves and mountain lions. Seems mountain lions may be more dangerous then hungry bears!

The 110 unit campground is at the base of a mountain and near Swift Current Lake. Be advised that this campground only has about 13 sites that can handle campers in the 35 foot range. Gus had been correct when he said we would love this location. While the campground does not have showers, they are available Many Glacier Lodge - Photo by Norman Hildrumjust a few yards away at Swift Current Lake Lodge and Store. Cost was just $1.50 and worth every penny. Campground camping fees were $12.00 per night (no hook-ups available).

Glacier is one of the most beautiful parks in the system and a visit is highly recommended. Many Glacier Lodge is on the shore of Swift Current Lake and brings back memories of days-gone-by. It has a large gift shop and excellent restaurant. For more information on camping in Glacier National Park, check out the Glacier National Park website.

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