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Wagon Wheel Campsite
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Norman W. Hildrum

The favorable experiences gained on a camping trip strongly influence my overall opinion of the trip, the facilities, and the people. For example, a modest, well kept facility, coupled with a super setting or a very enjoyable mix of activity tends Location Mapto give me a more favorable impression that a luxury facility in a below average setting or below average activities. Often the very location of a campground tends to ensure a very favorable reaction. This is particularly the case with one campground that we have been using for over 20 years. The superior setting of the facility has provided many enjoyable camping experiences and many pleasant memories.

Wagon Wheel Campsite is a private facility located on the north shore of Lake Superior just a few miles southwest of Two Harbors, Minnesota (see map). There are 34 sites (some are seasonal) that have water and electric hookups. The really attractive feature of Wagon View from a Wagon Wheel campsite - Photo by Norman HildrumWheel is that many of the camp sites are situated close to the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior. By camping just a few steps from the water's edge, the views afforded are nothing short of spectacular.

From these campsites you can follow large ore boats and sea going ships approach and leave Duluth harbor. The very presence of the largest fresh water lake in the world trends to flavor the experience. Split Rock Light House - Split Rock State Park, Minnesota - Photo by Norman HildrumThe lake can be smooth as glass one moment and six foot waves can be crashing into the rocky shoreline the next. On clear nights, we have seen the wonders of the Milky Way and even watched northern lights dance in the sky over the lake. There a dozens of different bird species and bird watching is always enjoyable.

Wagon Wheel can serve as an excellent ":base of operations" for day trips and sightseeing activities from Duluth to Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock State Parks. We like to visit the lighthouse at Split Rock and then have a Water falls at Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota - Photo by Norman Hildrumpicnic lunch on the shoreline adjacent to the Split Rock River. We frequently stop at Gooseberry Falls State Park and hike along the Gooseberry River to view the wonderful water falls and rapids. The new visitor center is also a must.

Len and Judy Beardsley (owners and operators) are super hosts and they keep the modest facility clean and comfortable. There is a playground for the kids and firewood available for evening campfires. However, the primary attraction is Lake Superior itself. Our rate was $24.00 per night (6-98). If you are looking for an opportunity to spend some time on the shores of Lake Superior, Wagon Wheel Campsite is an excellent choice for SavvyCampers. For more information, contact the Beardsley's at 218-834-4901.

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