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Destiny's Secret Lake RV Resort
Kissimmee, Florida
Norman W. Hildrum

We had made reservations at Destiny"s Secret Lake RV Resort in December of 1998 to ensure that we would have one of their best lake side campsites for New Year's Eve 1999. We sent in a $50.00 deposit to secure our reservation. What a mistake! In the spring, we received a note saying that the resort was adding more cottages and we would be moved from our scheduled location to one of equal charm. When we called in the fall to confirm our reservation, they had no record of it because "they had changed computer systems" and the confirmation numbers were different. After several email messages and a phone call, they found our deposit. By now we were a bit paranoid and decided to confirm again. This time everything was fine. We arrived on December 30, 1999 and stopped in to Epcot, Walt Disney World, Florida - Photo by Norman Hilrumregister. There was a long line and the desk clerk told us that because they were expecting us, we could just go set up and return to register later. A very pleasant park aide showed us to our site (number 126). It was out in a huge open field about as far away from the lake as possible (we found out later, we were in a large rendezvous area). We set up and then went back to register. Back at the front desk, they did not have any record of our deposit! I told them I had made our reservation more than a year before (lucky for us we retained the confirmation numbers) and had expected a lake side site which was promised. The clerk indicated that no sites were available but we could have one in a "choice" area if we wanted it. We said we would go look at the site. The "choice" site was terrible and in an area of very closely spaced units. We declined and indicated weEpcot, Walt Disney World, Florida - Photo by Norman Hildrum would stay in our present location. For the privilege, we were charge $50.00 per night. Their rates had been temporarily inflated because of the New Year's Eve weekend. At this point you should know that numerous lakeside sites were empty all weekend, we could very easily have been put in one of those. Needless to say we will not return to this facility again.

Aside from our administrative problems, the park does have very nice facilities and it is nicely situated to visit Walt Disney World and other attractions in the area. We enjoyed our New Year's Eve weekend visits to Walt Disney World and understand in the world of travel, SavvyCampers know they can expect occasional mess-ups.

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