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Lamont E. Hodges City Park
Dubois, Idaho
Norman W. Hildrum

Campsite at city park - Photo by Sharon HildrumAccording to our book Guide to Free Campgrounds, Dubois, Idaho has a small city park where we can camp. We arrived in Dubois around 4:30 PM. and easily found the park and decided to camp there.

This is a small city park about 2-3 acres in size. It is situated on Main Street adjacent to a small stream. The park has room for 3-4 RV's in undesignated areas. The main area of the park is grassy with large cottonwood trees, a very relaxing setting. There are no hook-ups, but the park has flush toilets and running water. There was no charge to camp.

I backed the fifthwheel alongside the grassy area of the park with the rear toward the stream. It took about 5 minutes to "set up" in that I only lowered the front landing legs to stabilize the coach. No hook-ups to worry about. We added water to the freshwater tank View of city park, Dubois, Idaho - Photo by Sharon Hildrumfrom a water faucet in the park. The toilets are rustic, but usable. Shortly after we had set up camp another RV pulled in and joined us for the night.

We have found that city parks offer a completely different approach to camping. While they are usually low cost, the really nice feature is that they are generally located in small communities. You will always find friendly faces and interesting converstion. We had breakfast at a local cafe and marveled at the quantity of good food for a very reasonable price. We enjoyed conversations with the server and several "old timers" that were having coffee.

These small out of the way camping opportunities are enjoyable and offer unique possibilities for Savvyampers

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